White Papers

Technical Papers Produced by ATDI Staff
pdf.gifHigh Resolution RF Analysis: The Benefits of Lidar Terrain and Clutter Datasets
pdf.gifExtracting Clutter Data from Landsat 8 Multispectral Imagery
pdf.gifService Area Reliability Degradation Analysis
pdf.gifDatabase Solutions for Spectrum Management
pdf.gifLMCC Derated Interference Contours
pdf.gifHourly, Seasonal, & Solar Effects on HF Skywave Coverage
pdf.gifHelping Norway Maximise Spectrum Resources
pdf.gifSkywave Propagation Modeling Using ITU-R P.1147-4
pdf.gifChallenges of Frequency Reallocation and Narrowbanding in Non-Homogenous Bands
pdf.gifNavigational Aid Clearance Criteria
pdf.gifWind Turbine Effects on Primary Surveillance Radar Systems
pdf.gifAddOn Interface in ATDI RF Tools
pdf.gifPotential Effects of Wind Turbine Generators on Pre-Existing RF Communication Networks
pdf.gifHealth Safety and Field Strength Exposure in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifDVB-H Radio-Planning Aspects in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifHuman Exposure and FCC-OET-B65MPE compliance Calculations
pdf.gifHF Skywave ITU-R P.533-9 Gets a Re-Write
pdf.gifUsing ATDI Map Maker
pdf.gifMaritime MF Groundwave Propagation Modeling
pdf.gifFade Margin Consideration in NLOS Network Planning
pdf.gifLTE Fixed Mobile Convergence with ICS Telecom
pdf.gifMobile WiMax From OFDM-256 to S-OFDMA
pdf.gifMultipath in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifWimax Propagation in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifClutter Attenuations in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifWiMax Radio Planning with ICS Telecom
pdf.gifGeneral Consideration in Wimax Technologies
pdf.gifMixed Absorption-Diffraction Propagation Models from Wireless Proximity Networks
pdf.gifConverting ICS Telecom Results to Vector, ASCII and Other Popular Formats
pdf.gifSignal Propagation Modeling in an Urban Environment
pdf.gifBilling in ICS Manager
pdf.gifThe RRC 04-06 Process
pdf.gifRRC 04-06 Reference Networks
pdf.gifProcess Controls in ICS Manager
pdf.gifWiFi Planning on Mars
pdf.gifData Bases in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifObjects in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifMedium Resolution Digital Terrain Models from SRTM Sources
pdf.gifMedium Resolution Images and Clutter from Lansat 7 Sources
pdf.gifLandsat 7 Image & Clutter Extraction with ICS Map Server v7.63
pdf.gifMesh Network Planning in Urban Environment
pdf.gifStatistics Menus in ICS Telecom
pdf.gifInternational Coordination in ICS Manager and ICS Telecom
pdf.gifConverting ICS Telecom Results to Vector, ASCII and Other Popular Formats
pdf.gifThe Interface from Measurement Device to Software Application
pdf.gifHigh Resolution Comparison DTM vs DSM

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