Spectrum-E Officially Launched -- ATDI Completes APCO Contract Delivery

McLean, VA, May, 2012

ATDI Inc. and AFC, APCO International's Spectrum Management Division, are pleased to announce that ATDI's new web application for spectrum engineering called Spectrum-E is officially online. The advancements in broadband services and the evolution of HTML5 compliant web browsers have allowed ATDI to develop a landmark web application for the spectrum engineering community. By leveraging over 20 years worth of ATDI expertise in developing RF engineering software tools with APCO's extensive knowledge in Public Safety Spectrum Management, ATDI is in the unique position to be the first software vendor to release a spectrum engineering web application compliant with FCC and Telecommunications Industry Association standards for electromagnetic compatibility analysis and frequency nomination for public safety services.

Spectrum-E is designed to provide a lite-client, dedicated interface for RF engineers, spectrum managers and frequency coordinators. The user experience offered by Spectrum-E streamlines work flow processes by providing required engineering features in an efficient and convenient manner. The current release of Spectrum-E has the necessary features to support spectrum engineering studies for public safety services in the VHF and UHF frequency bands. Additional features for supporting analysis in the LF-HF bands, as well support for various other services, such as fixed, broadcast, aeronautical, maritime, broadband multi-point, etc. will be released through the Spectrum-E web application in the near future.

"Our role in the development of Spectrum-E is a reflection of APCO's leadership in Part 90 licensing and frequency coordination," says Farokh Latif, director of APCO's Spectrum Management department. "We've always been committed to delivering efficient, high quality spectrum management services, and Spectrum-E represents the absolute state-of-the-art technology for our customers and frequency coordinators who are dealing with spectrum shortage challenges. This is a valuable tool that will help them meet those challenges."

"The collaboration with APCO has been exceptional and the resulting platform reflects what best-in-class partners achieve when their efforts are put together. This step forward for our organizations and the RF Engineering field in general promises great opportunities for many years to come," says Pierre Missud, CEO of ATDI Inc.

About Spectrum-E -- Spectrum-E is ATDI's fully customizable web application for planning telecommunication networks and frequency nomination for government and commercial networks operating in the VHF and UHF bands. Advanced features in ATDI's Spectrum-E web application include: frequency plan nomination and validation using FCC Part 90 frequency plans against the FCC ULS database; detailed interference analysis between proposed stations and co- and adjacent channel incumbent stations; implementation of TSB-88.C guidelines for service area reliability degradation analysis; customizable 2D prediction displays; 3D terrain view with vector and prediction overlays; and more. Subscriptions to the Spectrum-E perpetual licensing and Cloud Service options are available now.

About APCO International's Spectrum Management Division -- AFC is APCO International's spectrum management arm, providing comprehensive radio frequency management for public safety agencies. With the most experienced staff and the largest network of volunteer experts, AFC is the only organization that provides full radio frequency management services, including frequency coordination and engineering, and license preparation and management for public safety agencies. AFC is a Federal Communications Commission certified public safety coordinator and, as a division of APCO, AFC's revenue is invested back into the public safety communications community.