ATDI to Deliver Spectrum Management Solutions for World Games

McLean, VA, March, 2013

ATDI, Inc. along with a consortium led by its Brazilian partner, ISOFREQ Telecomunicacoes e Sistemas LTDA (ISOFREQ), have successfully completed the initial delivery of contracts valued at USD $12 million to Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes (ANATEL), the national spectrum authority of Brazil. ATDI, Inc. and ISOFREQ are in the process of implementing a next generation spectrum management solution for ANATEL, in anticipation of the upcoming world games. The contractual requirements include the distribution of commercial software components from ATDI's ICS software product line, in-country training, as well as a customized implementation of ATDI's innovative web based spectrum management solution, Spectrum-E.


"ANATEL is looking forward to the relationship with ATDI for the delivery of tools to help make our spectrum management needs in Brazil more efficient," said Yroa Robledo Ferreira, Spectrum Engineer Specialist for ANATEL. "Additionally, the ATDI representatives make themselves very available to take care of any questions our team may have during the entire delivery and implementation process."

As Brazil will host the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013, FIFA World Cup in 2014, and Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, ANATEL identified the requirement to upgrade its current spectrum management system in order to support the increased demand for spectrum during these events and to increase their services to Brazilian subscribers.

"We are very excited to contribute to the preparation and success of these world-class events," said Pierre Missud, CEO of ATDI, Inc. "ANATEL's vision and tech-savvy environment is the perfect place to innovate and create enduring systems for the next decade."

Thousands of additional frequencies are required to ensure proper wireless service operations, such as broadcasting and public safety. This challenge requires the leveraging of all the available technological advances in frequency management, propagation and interference engineering, business process optimization, mobile, and online capability deployment. The fixed contract delivery timeline, limited testing, and quick ramp-up add to the challenge.

"This is a very innovative project and during the upcoming years we will remain focused on executing the contract in accordance with ANATEL's specifications," said Alexandre Souza, Technical Director of ISOFREQ. "We are happy to have the opportunity to work together with ANATEL and ATDI's professional teams to ensure that the project goals are successfully met."

The new optimizations will be tested in late April 2013 in anticipation of the Confederations Cup. Please contact us for more information on ATDI's solutions in radiocommunications.


About ISOFREQ Telecomunicacoes e Sistemas LTDA - ISOFREQ is a Brazilian engineering company whose focus delves in the telecom and governmental markets, with specialization in radio transmission, spectrum monitoring, RF emitter geolocation, special site projects, and system integration. With over 20 years of experience, ISOFREQ currently supports governmental private customers and partner projects in Brazil and in the United States. For more information on ISOFREQ, please call +55-21-9490-8025 or email Alexandre Souza at

About Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes - ANATEL is a Brazilian national spectrum regulatory agency whose establishment helped to promote the development of the telecommunications system within the country. With over 10 years of experience, ANATEL continues to provide a modern and efficient telecommunications infrastructure, including the capability to provide adequate services to society throughout their national territory. Currently, ANATEL is preparing a new generation of spectrum management solutions to support the increased demand for spectrum as Brazil hosts the upcoming FIFA and Olympic Games. For more information on ANATEL, please call 55-61-2312-1817 or visit,