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ICS Map Server

Digital Cartography

ICS Map Server is the GIS management companion tool to ATDI's RF modeling software HTZ Warfare and ICS Telecom. ICS Map Server's main focus is on converting public or private source raster and vector based GIS information into ATDI's proprietary cartographic formats which include terrain, imagery, clutter, and building footprint information. The tool may also be used to create and alter maps for use within HTZ Warfare and ICS Telecom. ATDI’s proprietary cartographic formats are:

  • Digital terrain models (*.GEO)
  • Georeferenced imagery (*.IMG/*.PAL)
  • Clutter (*.SOL)
  • Building footprint and elevation data (*.BLG)

Extensive production functions are also available through ICS Map Server including the ability to produce three dimensional digital cartographic models from raw resources, namely:

  • Multispectral satellite imagery for clutter extraction (Landsat7, SPOT, etc.)
  • Stereoscopic aerial photography for clutter and building height extraction (USGS National Aerial Photography Program, Canadian National Air Photo Library, etc.)
  • Digitally scanned paper maps for clutter extraction and production of terrain models (topographic maps, etc.)

Terrain Model & Imagery Support

ICS Map Server specializes in importing various public and military GIS data formats such as NASA's SRTM, USGS's SDTS and NED, US DoD DTED, ASTER, GTOPO

ICS Map Server specializes in importing many diverse imagery formats such as: DRG, ADRG, CADRG, USRP, VMAP, DFAD, GEOTIF (2D and 3D), JPEG, JPEG2000, Bitmap

Simple Map Creation

ICS Map Server also offers automated GIS production features for creating ATDI-ready cartographic datasets from a customer Worldwide Project Builder interface. ATDI users can connect to ATDI servers to produce terrain and imagery data for use with HTZ Warfare and ICS Telecom through a simple-to-use interface in ICS Map Server.

Furthermore, customers can use the MapMaker feature of ICS Map Server to create geo-referenced imagery for terrain datasets that do not have it.

For more information on the on-line Worldwide Project Builder features of ICS Map Server please contact ATDI using the information provided on our contact page.

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  • GeoData Terrain, imagery, clutter and vectors can be sourced, produced, prepared and delivered by ATDI. A large collection of off-the shelf datasets are available.